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Perspectives on the future of immersive technology in education, health, economics and culture.

Our belief:
Teaching the Metaverse by and in the Metaverse

With an idea in mind and a concrete proposal in hand, our goal is to bring together all the relevant and useful information on the theme of the metaverse, to offer you an extraordinary learning and entertainment experience.

We strive to synthesize the numerous information available on virtual and immersive reality,and make them as accessible and understandable as possible. 

Happy exploring!

But finally,
what is
THE Metaverse ?

This concept, which appeared for the first time in 1992,
is widely used and distributed nowadays.

With the great changes brought to our daily lives by digital technology and remote working, the creation of virtual spaces is increasingly sought after as an alternative to connecting with people around the world. 

Web 3.0
revolutionized the Internet and requires
integration into virtual spaces, therefore
of the Metaverses.

But you ask what are metaverses?

These are immersive virtual spaces that allow social, economic and cultural interaction in real time. There you can be represented as an avatar, exchange goods and services, and even participate in live events. 

On our site, we invite you to discover this exciting and constantly evolving world. So don't hesitate any longer, join us and explore the endless possibilities of the metaverse!

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